International Experiences

Bachelor of science degree students in the General Nursing option have the opportunity to study abroad. Some of these opportunities are offered by Nursing faculty; others can be arranged through the University Office of Global Programs.

Not all international experiences presented through the College of Nursing are offered each year. Please check with the School of Nursing to see if the program you're interested in is being offered.

Note: Because of the nature of the Nursing curriculum, Nursing students can complete traditional study abroad only during the summer or other breaks. Students who complete traditional study abroad programs during fall or spring semesters will find themselves a year behind in the curriculum.


This 1-credit experience for Nursing students is precepted by Penn State and CURE International Pediatric Orthopedic Hospital. Four junior Nursing students spend approximately two weeks during the summer providing care for children with curable disabilities in a developing nation.

Hong Kong

Hong KongAn educational experience in Hong Kong is available to Nursing students during the spring semester of their senior year. A limited number of students will be selected to participate in this two-week program. This experience enhances the student’s ability to experience a different culture and learn about the health care and nursing education systems in Hong Kong. Students will participate in both classroom and clinical observations.

South Africa

Six senior Nursing students are selected to accompany a faculty member on a trip to South Africa to work in health care clinics in Cape Town and outlying areas. The trip is two weeks long and occurs in the spring. The program is coordinated with our partners at The University of the Western Cape to include classroom and clinical experiences in multiple health care settings.

South Africa


Experience in SwedenThe College of Nursing participates in a student exchange program with Jönköping University in Jönköping, Sweden. Six junior Nursing students are selected to participate. The students register for 3 Penn State credits of Nursing 496, Independent Study, fulfilling the Nursing elective requirement. The five-week program on children’s health issues begins the second week of May, so students must take spring semester final exams before departure.

Need Additional Information?

For additional information on any of these College of Nursing travel opportunities, contact Elizabeth Cutezo, Global Studies coordinator for the College of Nursing.

NOTE: Penn State monitors the international situation very carefully. All programs abroad have an on-site coordinator who is available to Penn State students for advice and to deal with any emergencies. However, students are ultimately responsible for their personal safety. Education Abroad is guided by the U.S. Department of State's travel advisory system (composed of Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts) as principal factors in determining whether the University will allow education abroad programs to run under its auspices. The aim of Travel Warnings is to advise American citizens to avoid travel to designated countries. Travel Alerts are intended to alert travelers to specific conditions, usually of short-term duration, that pose a risk to international travelers. Penn State's general rule is not to sponsor Education Abroad programs in countries under active Department of State Travel Warnings. Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts are posted on the Department of State website.